Jen is always working while walking, conceptualizing novel approaches to the human experience. Having curated high-end travel in Africa for 15 years, she easily matriculates thru cultures seeking the unforgettable that is so keenly felt and observed, and still bizarrely individual. Her brilliant and amusing ability to forge lasting connections with the people who make beautiful locales allows her to create unprecedented opportunities for clients. She is in love with good design, linen sheets and simple pleasures such as fresh produce at farmers markets, swimming in rivers and cocktails atop the alps. Jen is based in Colorado…for now.

@ jenbriejohnson


Carolina likes being in the inside conversation between critical issues of design, objects and media. Her projects have a strong focus on editorial design, typography and visual narratives. She's constantly interested in discovering new craft methods, and has a special obsession with close-up images. Carolina is the eye of beauty behind the brand and brings her fascination with transverse layers of culture to provide you with a bit of the unexpected. She is currently living in Zürich, while being closely connected to Barcelona and Amsterdam.

@ carolinambernard
// carolinambernard.com


Lisa Lee is a lover of flowers and all things blooming. She is a pollinator of projects—capturing content, constantly moving, disseminating new ideas and transplanting them into reality. Lisa's uncanny instinct for sussing out unique experiences in any locale and her ability to translate those into bespoke travel itineraries is nonpareil. Her extreme enthusiasm is contagious and she is a specialist in connecting place, experience, people, art, agriculture, architecture and design. Lisa lives in Zurich and is in the midst of exploring movement in the Alps.

// lisaleebenjamin.com


Martin’s projects and collaborations are embedded within the frame of art direction, filmmaking and visual storytelling, as well as digital media arts and interactive experiences. He is passionate about all things active outdoors and traveling and jumps at any opportunity for adventure. He also interested in traditional customs, habits and values, no matter the culture in place, from desert cowboys, Vietnam couriers, Tunisian hairdressers to German truck drivers— where the clash and mix of different insights offer a unique, surprising and invaluable growth and experience. Martin is based between Zürich and Barcelona. 

@ mrtnmur